Friday, July 30, 2010

Zombie Cover

ZOMBIE by rochelimit

Thought it was time for some streaming of the cover song I did called Zombie.

What Now? July 2010

What's on my iPod in heavy rotation at the moment?
Not much, a little disappointed in this summers tunes...

The Black Keys :new album Brothers is pretty great, and I'd say is one of the top albums I'm going through at the moment. Bluesy good times.

The Glitch Mob: "Drink the sea" is a wicked album that pretty much goes down anytime, instrumental electronic awesomeness is pretty much how I'd describe that one.

Dan Black: I'm listening to him a bit too... not sure if it's cheesy or not but I seem to be playing more than once so I must like it a little bit. Poppy electronic summer fun music.

That's kind of it at the moment, I'd love some suggestions if you'd be so kind.

Have a great summer...

PS. I've been slowly working on some new material for the next album, and it's coming along nicely.