Thursday, January 28, 2010

Council Estate (ROCHE LIMIT REMIX) by rochelimit

Council Estate (ROCHE LIMIT REMIX)  by  rochelimit
This is a remix I did for the Tricky song "Council Estate" in 2009. Nothing ever happened with it so I thought I'd post it up here. Hit the play button to stream it or click on the little arrow on the right hand side of the player to DOWNLOAD it for FREE!!

What Now? January 2010

iPod Listening:
Fever Ray - (mellow electronic)
Karin Dreijer Andersson from the Knife goes solo for a while and releases an amazing CD. Her music videos are great too, highly recommend checking them out. I've been listening to this quite a bit lately.
The XX - (mellow folktronic)
I read somewhere this album being described as make out music for the new generation, I guess that's a good description of it but way cooler than it sounds.
The Beatles -Revolver (remastered release)
Pretty much my favorite Beatles album, now sounding even better.
Maynards side project to do what ever he wants with, and he does. Sounds good to me.
the Eels - End Times
Kind of depressing album but an Eels classic.

Spaced (season 1&2) - Simon Peggs weird comedy
Breaking Bad

Playing PS3:
Dirt 2
NHL 2010
Little Big Planet